The History Of IV V I IV

After the completion of 'Ancient Prophecy I Desired' Nocturr returned to his contemplations and determined that allies would be required strengthen the ranks of IV.V.I.IV and called upon Obscurum (who conveniently lived near Nocturr) to fill the role of drummer. Along with his role in IV.V.I.IV Obscurum was the drummer for Black Abyss and session drummer for Navrathos. With Obscurum at his side Nocturr became more productive and began creating more melancholy and depressive hymns.

As a duo Nocturr and Obscurum contiued to play small gigs until 2015 when they were offered a spot on the MARCH OF AGGRESSION gig in KUALA LUMPUR. As this was an important, and much larger scale, show than they had performed before the duo sought further allies from the black/death metal scene in Pahang and recruited SHADOW on guitar and IEVOL CYTHEREA on bass.

Following the MARCH OF AGGRESSION plans were made to record their 5 track debut EP entitled ENDLESS MORBIDITY. Recording sessions took place at Kuala Terengganu and produced by Illusion Of Dead Production/Narroward Kult. Wakaf Productions released the EP as 300 limited pro-CD and 100 tapes.

The very favorable response to ENDLESS MORBIDITY resulted in IV.V.I.IV playing more shows around Malaysia and as far away as Sabah. Even though busy with spreading their evil works time was taken to record their first full length HENING...KELAM offering up 10 hymns of death fueled by wicked and grieving riffs.

HENING..KELAM, 'Serenity..Darkness' in Malay, was recorded at Dungun,Terengganu from May 2016 to October 2016. It was released on CD and tape by the dusky new label from Shah Alam, Malaysia MOONDUSK PRODUCTIONS. Due to an overwhelming response 500 CDs and 300 tapes soon spread around the world and established IV.V.I.IV. as the masters of new era black metal in Malaysia.

After the release of HENING..KELAM bassist IEVOL CYTHEREA left the band and was replaced by COVENANT.

In 2017 their unholy reach spread wider upon being offered a split release with the Spanish paganistic black metal band UR. Two brand new tracks were recorded in their hometown of Kuantan, Pahang: PABILA LARUTNYA MALAM and I AM NO LONGER A MORTAL. These tracks delve deeper into themes of death both lyrically and in atmosphere.

The Asian edition, released by NARROWARDS KULT, of the split was unleashed on tape on July 30th, 2017 to conicide IV.V.I.IV.'s appearance at BLACKEST OF THE BLACKEST BLACK. For the European edition, DARKWOODS PRODUCTION collaborated with SPITAKO PRODUCTION and DAMNATION AD BESTIA to produce 66 special copies in Digipack A5 format with an expected release date of January 2nd, 2018.